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Over retirement age but still working? You may be entitled to a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

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If you’re of retirement age but still working, you may now be able to apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card thanks to a recent increase in the income limit test.

As of the 4th November, the federal government has increased the income limit substantially for both singles and couples.

The federal government says an additional 50,000 Australians will be eligible to access the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Income thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

  Was Now
Singles $61,284 $90,000
Couples $92,416 $144,000
Couples separated by ill health $115,522 $180,000

The health card can be of significant value if you have medical concerns. It’s specifically for self-funded retirees who don’t qualify for the aged pension due to assets or income.

Although the income threshold is increasing, the benefits available on the health card have stayed the same.

“Basically, it entitles you to cheaper prescription medication, so anything on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, you might be able to get bulk billing but that does still depend on your doctor,” says Priscilla Bayly, Financial Advisor with Crystal Wealth Partners.

“You may also be eligible for the lower Medicare safety net threshold, if you are entitled to the Commonwealth Seniors Card which will help lower your out of pocket medical costs for out of hospital services.” she says.

If you are close to the income threshold and have complex medical issues it may be worth considering if you would financially benefit by ensuring you meet the income test requirements.

“If you do have a lot of medical costs and you’re close to the threshold then it may be worthwhile to bring your income under the threshold. It’s a cost benefit thing and probably worth having a chat with an advisor,” she says.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you can receive benefits.

“I would imagine that if there’s a lot of people applying there may be delay in getting it approved, so I’d just start the process sooner,” says Priscilla.

If you lost your benefits by going over the threshold in a previous year, you can reapply and may be eligible again.

The changes are in place as of 4th November 2022, and you can apply for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card through the MyGov website.


For more information about applying, visit the Service Australia website, while to speak to a Crystal Wealth advisor, call 02 8599 179 or email

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