The Crystal Wealth Team

Our directors and senior management have over 80 years of collective financial services industry experience.

How We Work

Our approach relies on building an effective working partnership with you, in close cooperation and consultation with carefully selected professional advisers as required, to provide the financial services that are most appropriate to your needs.

A Team of Trusted Professionals

Client portfolios are usually overseen by an overlay manager who carefully monitors the portfolio with a focus on maximising after-tax returns.

Minimising Risk

A key principle is to implement a well-established and disciplined approach for managing assets at all times with the objective of controlling downside risk and minimising potential disappointments.

It means having the conviction of our ideas and selecting investments accordingly.

A Customised Approach

Depending on the individual need, we actively manage each portfolio in accordance with a customised agreed risk tolerance, while also seeking out and evaluating alternative investment options that may provide good medium to long term investment opportunities.

Alternative asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity, real estate and commodities may also be used as a diversification tool to lower risk and increase returns where considered appropriate.

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