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Five steps to financial fitness

Money Tips


1.Spruce up your portfolio
Investing isn’t a set-and-forget strategy, and it’s important to check your portfolio against your life goals and market conditions. Diversification of funds, industries and stocks is a great way to future-proof your investments, and reducing risk through periods of volatility. For example, technology stocks have performed extremely well over the past two years, and as such, they may now represent an overweight portion of your portfolio. They may need to be adjusted to reflect your goals.

 2. Nurture your nest egg
Small savings now can make a large difference at retirement.  Start the year by opting to salary sacrifice additional voluntary superannuation contributions. This is a tax-effective way to boost your superannuation savings and gain the benefits of compound interest.

3. Plan for those you love
If you believe there are ways you can help your kids – and their kids – to achieve their financial goals, make time now to get updated estate planning advice. It’s never too early to begin planning to help those closest to you.

4. Expand your real estate horizons
It’s always good to stop and think about your real estate portfolio, and consider whether or not it makes financial sense to broaden your investment in property. Property has been in the headlines for the unprecedented growth in valuations over the past two years, however with the right advice there remain opportunities to invest in an asset class that tends to be less volatile in nature compared to other investment opportunities.

5. Boost your financial health with term deposits
Rates for term deposits have been at historic lows, however, this is likely to change in the coming 12 months with interest rates tipped to rise – so rethinking your investments to include term deposits could be an option for you this year. There are low-risk options providing returns of 3% plus, so it is worthwhile to get some advice about whether these options are suitable for you.


If you’d like some advice to ensure you’re making the most out of your investments and finances, drop the team at Crystal Wealth a line today – we’d love to hear from you.

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