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Last month, we were delighted to learn that Monik Kotecha, chief investment officer of Insync Global Quality Equity, has been named Emerging Fund Manager of the Year 2020 by Money Management magazine.

Monik, who has over 29 years of funds management experience in international and Australian equity markets, sits on Crystal Wealth Partners’ Investment committee as an external consultant.

“We were thrilled to hear of Monik’s award,” says Crystal Wealth Partners executive director John McIlroy.

“He’s someone with vast experience who we value as part of our wider team. A number of our clients are invested in the Insync Global Capital Aware Fund, and it’s pleasing to see Monik’s excellence acknowledged.”

His approach has been identifying high-quality growth companies that fall into one of 16 “unstoppable megatrend” categories.

As Monik said to Money Management magazine “The companies we invest in are on the right side of distruption, are intensely profitable, have long-term durability, and we believe will have superior performance”.

“We focus on finding two or three stocks per megatrend and this gives us a diversification so if one or two megatrends don’t work out the way we think it will, then the other 14 should perform really well”.

Monik’s vast experience has seen him work in London, New York and Sydney, and Insync Fund Managers were also shortlisted as Emerging Fund Manager for 2020 by Money Market and recently profiled in Bloomberg as one of the top-performing funds managers.

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