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Best of both worlds


Having lived as expatriates in Luxembourg for 14 years we found that, after retirement in Sydney, returning to Europe for a few weeks holiday each year wasn’t enduringly gratifying, so we re-invested in the property market and bought a small apartment in nearby Metz, France.

We love being immersed in the French-speaking culture that venerates its rich history and exquisite food and wine. Metz has since become our base for several months each European summer.

Consequently, we can again participate in the multitude of local events that take place each season; from concerts, to food and wine fairs and air shows. We’re able to shop at the local food markets and enjoy seasonality of the produce, magical patisserie and hand-made chocolate!

Metz has history dating back to Roman times and is blessed with a marvellous restaurant culture. The ‘Grand-Est’ of France is a well-kept secret and is rich in WW1 and WW2 history, with Maginot Line fortifications and Verdun close by.

Champagne lies 160km to the west and day trips to Paris are easily doable on the TGV. The beautiful drive from Dijon to Macon, south through Beaune and the heart of Burgundy is always on our agenda and allows us to sample and buy both wine and produce from the multitude of small caves and providores. The cost of living in France is quite comparable to Sydney, but regional property is infinitely more affordable.

Each year we plan short ‘holidays’ within Europe; last year Lake Garda in Italy and the Cote d’Azur and this year the Greek Islands and Ireland. Whenever possible we’ll take in a stage or two at the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.

Back in Australia by September, our passions revolve around sport aviation; flying light aircraft and racing sailplanes. Our grandchildren, now five and seven years old, are just beginning to develop their interest in all things aviation and space.

While we are away from Australia for significant periods, we happily rely on the highly professional management of our super fund by Crystal Wealth.

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