Our Services

Our team has a passion for delivering practical solutions for you that are highly personalised to your individual needs. We can provide you with full financial advice or specific advice related to specific needs. Our service focuses on strategic goal oriented advice (such as 'transition to retirement', retirement planning, superannuation contributions, savings plans, termination payments, cash flow management, retirement income strategy and product selection).

To cater for the varied investment needs of our clients, we have designed and built both Discretionary and Non-discretionary investment management services to allow us to tailor different active investment 'styles' to your needs.

This is known as our Managed Accounts Service.

The option you choose is usually driven by the level of engagement in the decision making process that you want, and this is something that we establish carefully during our initial meetings with you. Different service options can be selected for different household entities.




Where we determine that a Crystal Wealth Managed Account service is appropriate for you, having first considered and assessed your personal circumstances, needs and objectives, we will provide you with personal advice that sets out the reasons why, and the basis on which, we believe the service is appropriate for you. This will also discuss the potential benefits and risks involved.



Managed Accounts

We provide a range of Managed Account services to clients.

Managed Discretionary Account Options

Crystal Wealth is authorised under its licence to provide Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) services to its clients. A MDA service is essentially an arrangement whereby we manage a portfolio of assets for you on an individual discretionary basis according to an agreed investment program.

This can include the option of tailoring a specific portfolio to your needs or the option of utilising one or more carefully researched and monitored model portfolios of assets (incorporating for example domestic and international securities, cash and/or bonds). An integral part of our MDA service is that you provide authority to us to invest in and dispose of financial products on your behalf without prior reference to you for each transaction. This means we will individually manage your portfolio account according to a stated and agreed investment strategy, model or goal at all times.

All investments within a portfolio account under the MDA service are owned directly by, or beneficially for, you at all times and you can view full details of your account(s) over our secure website on a daily basis. 

Non-Discretionary Account Options

Crystal Wealth is also able to provide Non-discretionary Managed Account (NDA) services to its clients. This offers personalised investment portfolio management on a non-discretionary basis either on a 'stand-alone' basis or in concert with other Crystal Wealth MDA Services.

The key difference with an NDA service is that following receipt of any personal advice or recommendation from us, you must authorise all transactions in relation to your portfolio investments in writing to us or by other secure means (including electronic authorisations).

This means that we will not act on any recommendation regarding the purchase or sale of any investment on your behalf that you do not authorise first under this service option. As such, it relies on timely and effective communication with you. Otherwise, delays can arise between the receipt of a recommendation from us and the confirmation back from you to proceed which may impact on the recommendation and performance of the underlying investments.


SMSF services

Many of our clients have a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) as a core component of their long term investment and retirement plans. Accordingly, we provide an integrated suite of SMSF services that can be linked with any one of our managed account services. This ensures appropriate investment coordination, ongoing compliance and full tax reporting at all times.

Our SMSF services include the following elements for proper management of a fund, which may be more or less relevant depending on the individual circumstances:

  • SMSF Establishment (including assessment of SMSF appropriateness and documentation),

  • SMSF Trust Deed establishment and/or amendments,

  • Corporate trustee establishment and ongoing management,

  • SMSF Annual returns and Audit,

  • SMSF Gearing package (including fund documentation and security trust establishment),

  • Capital Gains records and tax management, 

  • Pension and other benefit payment advice and documentation,

  • Contribution advice and management, 

  • Death benefit nomination advice and documentation,

  • SMSF investment and insurance strategy advice and preparation.

The full service also includes preparation of annual financial statements for the fund, liaison with the external auditor and preparation of the annual taxation return and lodgement of annual SMSF return. This can also be organised in consultation with your accountant, if required.


Investment portfolios

Investment portfolios are tailored  to individual client needs and objectives. An essential part of establishing client needs is determining an appropriate level of risk. Risk levels will vary across Conservative to Aggressive levels, and some clients may require investment portfolios in specific sectors (eg Global Equity).




Generally, all investment portfolios will comprise of a mix of ASX listed securities, investment securities, fixed interest, cash property, managed funds, exchange traded funds and alternative assets.